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Many people still consider hair grooming a essential part of their hygiene and overall appearance. However, fitting this essential service into your tight schedule can be gruesome.  Let's consider the amount of time spent booking and arranging a hair cut or a grooming service. First you have to calculate time in traffic, waiting in the lobby, then getting the haircut, and finally traveling back to your home base, school or office. This is valuable time that could be spent being productive or spending time with your family and friends. 

Shear We Go has solved these problems by providing a detailed grooming service, using innovative technology, and literally meeting customers "in their neck of the woods". There is no barbering service that can deliver a barber within an hour of being ordered. Shear We Go is here for your grooming needs and we are reliable, affordable, and tech driven.

We are currently serving the Bellevue, Washington and Kirkland, Washington with plans to expand throughout the Seattle area. 

So for your next haircut where should you go?

Stay where you are and book w/ Shear We Go!

Thank you,

Dawa Sekou

Founder/ Master Barber

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