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Shear We Go Founder

To know Shear We Go is to know the founder....

Shear We Go was started in Portland, Oregon by Dawa' Goes Behind in 2016. Dawa achieved a great response to the brand and the service. He created a website and partnered with HouseCall Pro (a dispatch service) and delivered haircuts to businesses, medical institutions, families, and individuals. He was approved by the Parks and Recreation from the city of Portland to conduct "pop-up" barbershops at events, parks, and waterfronts. Shear We Go was such a hit he was featured in "The Mercury",  a local newspaper. 

Shear We Go stood out because Dawa combined experiences of his life to build the foundation.  He's an 8 year military veteran where he served on emergency response and search rescue teams. Dawa also was a social worker for 5 years serving as a high school counselor and case manager for homeless veterans.  His military experience inspires the process, the technology and gear used. Dawa's advocacy experience inspiries the customer service.

Dawa went to barber school because he was inspired by the industry's connection to independent labors and a constant customer base. It seemed like the perfect industry to introduce collective management and tech driven initiatives. 

Dawa created Shear We Go while in barber school where he worked on the portable barber chair design. He is committed to the probability of a barber brand serving an entire city using military style precision, social conscious target marketing, while using a system that is tech driven. Now Shear We Go is serving Seattle!

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